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Dikt - wait

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Dikt från den 28:e januari 2017 / poem from January 28 2017.

Sometimes you look at someone
and you k n o w.
You know your story won’t end here,
in this crowded coffee shop,
in this clamorous classroom,
in this chaotic car park.

You know this won’t be the last time
your eyes lock,
nor will it be the last time
you wonder what exactly is going on in their brain
that leaves obvious signs of a sleepless night
or a sleepless month or year.

You know there’s more to you,
more to t h i s.
You just have to wait.
Sit patiently on the edge of your bus seat,
watch them get off at their stop,
and wait.

Minns precis vem jag skrev denna om. Måste tyvärr meddela att allt bara var wishful thinking och allt är slut. Men så går det ju ibland.
English translation for my international friends:
I remember exactly whom I wrote this about. Unfortunately it was all wishful thinking and everything has ended. But that's what happens sometimes.


  • Mary säger:

    I love this. The emotion in it is wonderful!

    Svar: Thank you!!

    2017-10-13 | 17:09:24

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