poetry is in the streets

Broken soul

Kategori: Allmänt

Black snow and old sky
Cold coffee and unmade beds
Ripped out pages
Loud voices keeping quiet
Unsafe words
Her chest is heaving
His fists are clenching
The knocks get louder
The razor goes deeper
The floor gets red
The rest gets black
Just like the snow
And the old sky
The cup has fallen
The bed remains
The pages fly
The voice keeps quiet
As it screams
The words disappear
Her chest stills
His knocks stop
The razor drops
The blood floods
The heart stops
The world turns
Heaven welcomes
Hell curses
And Lucifer stays fallen
As the angels sing
For a broken soul
That left before its time
And will soon be followed
By another
But they won't be united
Because they're not going to the same place
For she was a saint
While he was a sinner
Or maybe it was the opposite
- Natassa Karamouzis


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